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The United Montessori Association offers a comprehensive online Montessori teacher training program for the primary age level (3-6 years old). Graduates are awarded a full Montessori Teaching Certificate recognized in the USA and worldwide.

A Quality
On-line Education

- At your own pace
- At an affordable price
- Perfect for adults with families and jobs
- Clear, thorough lessons and user-friendly materials
- Personal guidance and mentoring
- Internationally recognized Montessori teaching certificate
- AND... No commute (reduce your carbon footprint)!

Since 1988, UMA graduates from all over the globe have found enriching careers in the field of Montessori education, as well as a lifetime of personal fulfillment. The United Montessori Association gives you the most in convenience by offering year-round quality Montessori teacher training; available anywhere you travel and have access to a computer. UMA has a long-established reputation of excellence in Montessori teacher certification and is thoroughly committed to your success.

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