Our Graduates Say It Best!

Here are a few samples of feedback from our graduates:

Angela McClure, Georgia: The Montessori training has totally restructured my life and beliefs in teaching. Distance learning is wonderful for people like me (public school teacher) and this program has taught me more about the development of a child than what I learned while obtaining my ECE and Master's degrees... The support I have received at UMA has been phenomenal.

Becky Gamboa, Michigan: The staff at UMA are very knowledgeable and I had first hand experience of that through their very insightful comments and explanations, and by the recommendations I was provided when I needed their support the most. The UMA training layout was very effective. Each section of the training curriculum transitioned well. I was glad to know that the staff at UMA was always there when I needed them.

Christine Lonergan, Washington DC: Thanks to UMA, I have grown as a person, parent, and teacher. The intensive instruction enlightened me on my inner self, the holistic approach, and the intricate needs of the child: physically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally. In my opinion, the high standards throughout the curriculum were the most significant to the U.M.A. program.

Loredana Perrelli, Netherlands: I would say that the entire course was an extraordinary revelation to me…I had to take an inner journey before any didactical knowledge could take place. No other study experiences have given me such a valuable experience.

Mark Germain, Japan: UMA exceeded all my expectations. I was surprised at your very high level of commitment. I’ll never forget all the assistance you willingly supplied when I decided to open my school. Also, I appreciate the fact that you left no stone unturned, which you did with empathy yet forcing me to take a good hard look in the mirror. I’ll ever be thankful.

Melanie Corrado, Florida: I have to say that it has been a real pleasure working with the staff. They encouraged me to think about each and every assignment and always made sure that I had a clear understanding of one topic before going on to the next. This course covered every aspect of the classroom, the materials within, and how to create positive parent/teacher relationships.

Sinchita Mitra, Ohio: I feel that the UMA program’s course material was more than excellent. It was exhaustive and detailed and yet presented in a very fluid manner for easy grasping. I could not have hoped for better communication. My experience as I have gone through this course has given me a totally new perspective of life. The course has very detailed and has given me a very sound foundation of the true principles of Montessori education.

Shanthi Vaidyanath, Vietnam: The staff at UMA has been most supportive with regular positive feedback and encouragement. This course provided me excellent information and thorough learning of Montessori philosophy and its application.

Michele Wildflower, Vermont: I learned so much about child development, the way the child’s brain works, how the thought processes are engaged….proper demonstrations, etc. The extra help I was given in preparing my school, was awesome, I could not have done it without UMA. THANK YOU, UMA, FOR HELPING TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE !!!

Tasneem Ashraf, Washington: I appreciated the fact that after I submitted an assignment, my instructor carefully wrote comments and expected me to answer all queries thoroughly before moving on to the next assignment. She made sure I grasped all the concepts before moving ahead. So Montessori of her! Not rushing her students through the course. I stayed motivated because of the support I received from the staff.

Kathleen Wylie, Virginia: I've enjoyed this very much. Thanks again for all that you have given me! You have so much insight and understanding. I know I will continue to seek your guidance when I run into snags, and I value your perspective.

Vicki Ferrara, Alabama: UMA exceeded my expectations. I feel that I developed a personal relationship with the staff, a common bond that will always be there... You pulled the rug out from under me when I needed it; you refused to let me slack off or turn in something that was not right. It was always obvious that the integrity of the program was foremost in your concerns."

Marnie Hazlewood, Bahamas: It is amazing, in my five years of college, I never felt so excited and eager to study! The UMA program is very organized and very detailed. I was provided with stimulating and thought-provoking material and assignments. I was challenged more than I thought I would have been and I am very grateful for this because it has prepared me to take on the job that awaits me in the world of children.

Shirley Miller, Montana: This was a rewarding, insightful course. I received more than I expected in not only how I deal with children but also my own personal growth. It has been a wonderful experience. My view on how children learn has changed. I've realized that I don't have to be a "good" teacher but instead create a favorable environment for learning. I'm excited and motivated.

Rebecca Wickens, Washington: I have learned in abundance by taking this course. Not only has it prepared me for my future, it has also given me the chance to look at my own parenting skills…It helped me to see life through a child's eyes again. I have been able to use the course and implement some of the teachings in my own life. I have also really enjoyed learning and preparing the material presentations in all areas of the classroom. I highly recommend this program.

Emma Czipczer, Romania: The staff deserves all the honors for their high level of professionalism. They are very special persons whom we rarely have a chance to meet in life, and I have had this honor. I know that this does not finish here, but continues through our relationship as a 'Montessori family.' I have nothing but many thanks.

Anne Schacht, Florida: We as adults and teachers have the power in our hands to teach and build a better world and future. This is one of the reasons it is necessary to have well-trained individuals in primary education. It is very important for teachers to have an inner preparation to interact with and teach children. I never before saw the children the way I see them today... I feel like I have a new window in front of me

Nadia Luccessi, Wisconsin: I have enjoyed this course and even feel that I got a better Montessori education through you than if I had gone to a lab school. Your assignments and essays that I had to write prepared me more that I feel a lecture would have. You truly made me learn and discover on my own. What better way to understand what Montessori is all about.

Taysia Mitton, Vermont: I was thoroughly impressed with the attention given to the spiritual work of the teacher. Through observing myself and my own actions, I’ve been able to bring attention to areas within myself that need work in order for me to be a better teacher and person. It has given me a lot more confidence. I now eagerly look forward to teaching and especially to opening up my own school. If I ever feel I need advice, have a question or any concerns with teaching or the philosophy, I am comforted to know I can always turn to UMA for support.

Sharon Gordon, Colorado: To my great surprise and delight, I found the United Montessori Association, a workable solution for even a busy mom/teacher like me. I could get my training while continuing to home school. Because of the personalized training and encouragement I have received from my evaluator, I was able to open my own Montessori school without feeling unprepared.

Arlene Al-Harthy, Oman: I think that the staff of UMA was extremely helpful, not only with the course, but with any other questions I came up with. I could not have wished for a better tutor, and I am very grateful to my evaluator for all her support. The UMA course has given me a greater insight into the minds of children and how they are influenced by the environment and experiences. Being able to understand their needs has enabled me to be a better teacher and mother.

Patricia O’Loughlin, Minnesota: I felt that the most significant aspect of the program was internal self-preparation and reflection. Anyone can master the particular didactic materials of a method, but truly understanding one’s role in the process is what identifies a good Montessorian.  I think my Montessori training has been the most personally fulfilling thing I have accomplished in the past few years.

Sachia D’Sa , New York: I never thought I would have such a good foundation. I am going to be the head teacher in a new Montessori class. I am going to use all the knowledge that I have received about child development, sensitive periods, classroom organization and management, and observation as it relates to the class and the children.

Jessica Casimiro, Philippines: I am very grateful to UMA. The flexibility of the distance learning program and the reasonable cost offered by UMA have made it possible for me to take up this course. The openness of my mentor has helped me discover myself, too. I know UMA will be with me as I continue to pursue my goals and I’m glad that there’s someone “world-class” to lean on - now and in the future.

Kimberley Tolley, Maine: The curriculum was challenging and thought provoking. I never felt that the responses or comments on the assignments were “canned” or routine. The personalized service that the UMA is providing to those seeking an education in Montessori instruction rivals that of any university or teaching institution. I’m proud to have completed the program and am more than thrilled to recommend the program to others.

Beverly Gislason, Iceland: UMA met my full expectations and more! The assignments and assessments were sent quickly and promptly. I was amazed at the depth, thoroughness and detail. I always felt free to say and ask anything. The encouraging personal words made me feel part of a “family” more than an isolated person on the Internet!! I fully intend to allow UMA to be a continued benefit to me as we set up our Montessori School in Iceland!!

Linda Haberkorn, Virginia:  It has been an excellent learning experience and I am excited about my future as a Montessorian. The lecture notes, assigned readings, assigned lessons, follow up, observations, textbooks, and UMA reference materials all worked together to prepare me to work as a Montessori teacher. It has been a great way for me to complete my studies, as I did not have to spend a lot of time away from my family.

Theresa Turgeon, Montana: It has been a great pleasure working with …they gave me every bit of confidence I needed. It’s been a lot of years since I had “homework” but I found it a real learning experience and a lot of fun as I completed each lesson. Thank you!

Amy Farrell, California: My life has changed a great deal from my experience with the UMA program. Probably the biggest change has been the confidence that I have gained with these skills. I was really surprised at the thoroughness of the responses that I received for my assignments. You answered all of my questions and were very patient when there were assignments that I struggled with. Thank you for creating a program that I could do from home.

Debbie Bennett, Virginia: I am soooo grateful for this training. It has made me see childhood in a whole new light.  You have a wonderful inspiring program and your dedication to changing the world one teacher at a time shines through.  I, in turn, have inspired a lot of teachers with the inspiration you have shown me.  I pray that we can keep going in this direction…to a much more peaceful world with healthy children and adults.

Marlijn Van Ijzeren, Netherlands:  I learned a lot from all the comments that I got during my studies and also the follow-ups were very useful. There was also enough positive feedback and encouragement so that I felt I was a good teacher in progress.  The binders and videos  have been a great source for understanding the Montessori materials and demonstrations, and will keep inspiring me.

Jenny Bright, California:This was my first experience with an online course and it has been a very rewarding one. I really appreciate all of the time and consideration that went into making my experience at UMA so fulfilling. 

Lee Lawley, Canada:  I appreciate UMA’s unrelenting stand for thorough and quality work. Their passion for the classical Montessori method is inspiring. Their leadership is encouraging and was my guide throughout this course. UMA is an invaluable resource for guidance, solutions, and Montessori wisdom. The openness and love in the organization creates a spiritual experience that I will always remember.  

Michele Zaro, New York: With this foundation I can now expand and move forward.  I appreciate all the time and effort that was given to my studies.  I feel I was treated with respect and kindness.  I didn’t feel as if I were just a “number” but that you cared if I understood the concept.  Even though at times I just didn’t get it.  I feel I was given every opportunity to succeed.  I was given the same respect and freedom, Maria Montessori based her teachings on. 

Susanne Varga, Florida: UMA has my eternal thankfulness and gratefulness for giving me this excellent education.  The professionalism and dedication of UMA to the Montessori philosophy and preparing the student to become a valuable and effective Montessori teacher is an inspiration to everyone.  UMA receives the highest recommendations from me.